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We attended the Anglia Business Exhibition which took place at Trinity Park Showground on Wednesday 6 May 2015.

We had many interesting contacts and conversations.  Our quiz created a lot of interest and, as promised, we now reveal the correct answers: Stand

1. What is the origin of the expression ‘toeing the line’?

100 metres run                                                Boxing ring

Ball room dancing                                           The London Marathon

2. How many years does an employee have to work before they qualify for redundancy pay?

10 years                                                          1 year

6 months                                                         2 years

 3. Why do we use the expression ‘go Dutch’ when we spilt a bill evenly?

The Dutch are good at peaceably sharing things

Tulips have two halves

Dutch doors had two equal parts 

Holland is very flat

4. Inheritance tax is payable after the first what?

£122,000                                                 £245,000

£325,000                                                 £620,000

5. Why do we ‘bite the bullet’?

Cowboys used to do this on horseback to make sure they had ammunition right ready

In WW1 they tested that bullets were genuine and solid

One way to limit damage was to try to stop the bullet against your teeth

Before anesthetics soldiers had a bullet to bite on during surgery 

6. How old do you have to be to own land in your own name in the UK?

16                    18                    21                    25

We had two completely correct entries: Chris Vine of Larking Gowen and Paul Tietjen.  Congratulations to them!

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