Blocks to minimise energy use and cut carbon emission

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Here at Blocks we are working hard to minimise energy use and cut carbon emissions.  We want to play our part in tackling climate change.   We want to encourage others to do the same – not only for the sake of the environment but for sound business reasons.  Less energy means reduced costs and more efficient working.  More and more customers want to see evidence of suppliers’ environmental awareness and there are marketing advantages too.    If you employ people, this is a chance to engage them in communal action and team work.

We are currently working to an action plan, prepared for us by an organisation called Groundwork who came to audit our premises and operations. SMEs across Suffolk are entitled to the audit programme, including those in Suffolk Coastal and Waveney.    The audit involves an on-site visit leading to an energy report and action plan which sets out the savings you can make.  The service is completely free to eligible businesses.

We have found the audit invaluable and it opens the door to a range of expert advice.   We expect to see reductions in energy use in the next few months and are working towards gaining a Silver (and then a Gold) Carbon Charter Mark – this is an awards scheme run by Suffolk County Council to recognise achievement in this area.

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