Blocks has just been awarded the 100th Suffolk Carbon Charter Mark

March 28, 2013 5:57 am Published by

Blocks has just been awarded the 100th Suffolk Carbon Charter Mark. The Bronze award signifies that the firm has taken the first steps towards cutting our carbon emissions and helping to reduce Suffolk’s contribution to climate change.

“True life is lived when tiny changes occur”. Tolstoy said more than once that history is made by the small actions of many many people across time. When tackling climate change, one legal firm will make no significant difference on its own, but added to the greater and greater commitment by businesses all over the world (and Suffolk in particular!), it could make history.

So however small the action, we will do it at Blocks. We have changed all our lights to LED lights, we are switching off equipment when we don’t need it, we are getting frugal with paper, we are using IT to revolutionise the way we work. We plan to replace our heating system and get our building well insulated. Our plans are in place and during the next year or so we intend to see huge changes in our carbon footprint. All this is done with the help of all the staff – each making their own tiny changes. If Suffolk is to be the greenest county, business is a vital part of that aim and Blocks is glad to be part of it.

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