A few Packing Tips to lead to a smoother house move!

July 7, 2015 3:08 pm Published by

  • Cut handle holes in the boxes before you start to pack them.
  • Buy paper plates and use these in between plates to keep them in one piece.  You can also use towels and tea towels to protect the side of the boxes and make them more secure.
  • If you have items with drawers, remove the handles and screw them back in inside the drawer, use a piece of packing tape (folded over) as a temporary tab to open the drawer and finally wrap cling film round the drawers so they are protected and do not open whilst in transit.
  • Label all boxes listing the items you have in them together with the room you would like them to go in.  Bear in mind that the set up of your new home may vary and you may wish things to go into different rooms when you move.
  • Don’t forget to check you loft and outhouses for anything you have stored in there.
  • Don’t forget to tell your removals company if you have pets, just in case one sneaks out of the door or into the boxes!



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